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We are a RETAIL publishing company that offers its clients magazines and internet portals dedicated to the activity of shopping centres and retail chains, addressed to both individual and business customers in Poland and abroad.





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Galeriehandlowe.pl is a Polish internet portal dedicated to the activities of shopping centres and retail chains. We publish tons of information about events at shopping centres, events, competitions, lotteries, promotions organised by the tenants, as well as retail spaces available for lease and the development of companies cooperating with the retail sector. Information and news items are accompanied by interviews with the leading representatives of the business Retail sector in Poland, which constitute a valuable source of information for anyone interested in the development of the retail sector. Our articles reach 4 million users a year.

Join the group of almost 9000 Executives, Directors and Managers of Shopping Centres and Retail Chains and the owners of companies related to the RETAIL market in Poland, who read our magazine every month

GALERIE HANDLOWE is the most comprehensive monthly magazine examining critical information about the retail real estate market and tackling important business issues of the shopping centre industry.

From 80 to 100 pages of valuable content served in an exclusive way give you access to unique knowledge about the RETAIL market. Whether you are a tenant or local entrepreneur, with our magazine you will always be up to date with the current situation on the shopping centre market and the profitability of running a business in a particular shopping mall.

Comments, opinions and interviews constitute valuable source of information for anyone who is interested in running their own business at a shopping centre, opening another shop or select the best franchise system.

The GALERIE HANDLOWE magazine contains many interesting interviews with the retail business leaders. It is also a great guide for managers of shopping centres interested in the development of their malls that keeps them up to date with all the events and changes.

The magazine also contains a wide range of information on the activity of shopping centres that have attractive retail space for lease and that are active in the area of marketing, effectively attracting thousands of customers.

A business and lifestyle magazine presenting the activity of companies and managing directors of shopping centres and retail chains all over the world, as well as development companies carrying out commercial investments on five continents


The SHOPPING MALL EXPERT magazine, published four times a year, provides up-to-date and insightful coverage of the retail industry and the activity of management companies and developers around the globe. Spanning over 60 pages, the exclusive publication offers a compelling picture of the marketing and development activity in the retail industry.


The magazine publishes interviews with prominent representatives of the retail sector, as well as reports, data analyses and opinions of independent experts, including both retail companies and local authorities. Finally, the magazine's many thought-provoking comments and informative news items from around the globe should inspire the SME readers to take initiative and successively grow their business in the retail sector.



SHOPPING MALL EXPERT provides top-level executives and retail real estate investors from all around the world with access to targeted information and unique solutions. In collaboration with leading retail companies and international organisations, the magazine recaps the most interesting investments in the shopping centre industry, examines unique marketing strategies and profiles managers growing their business in this age of rapid change on international markets. The SME magazine provides its qualified audience with up-to-date information on the most important developments taking place in the shopping centre industry, as well as opinions and interviews with both independent experts and professionals from the retail industry.

With us, you can save both time and money, as we give you access to comprehensive database: shopping centres and retail chains and shopping malls under construction all over Poland

Retail Database is the largest database platform dedicated to development of the retail real estate market in Poland. The system comprises three interconnected catalogues covering existing shopping centres, commercial investments under development, and the expansion of retail chains on the Polish market. The platform has been created as an answer to the needs of the tenants who are looking for attractive shopping centres to run their business, retail chains planning to expand their activity on the Polish market and local entrepreneurs interested in the development of retail chains, e.g. in terms of purchasing a franchise licence. It is a perfect source of constantly updated information with the top quality content. Access to the platform is provided only to logged-on users.

A magazine supplement dedicated to marketing and the work of the marketing managers at the best shopping centres and retail chains, as well as companies offering dedicated solutions for the RETAIL sector

SHOPPING MALL MARKETING is a free supplement to the Galerie Handlowe Magazine. To be launched in March 2016, it is a great source of knowledge about marketing that is widely used by Shopping Centres and Retail Chains in communication with their customers. The project will show the examples of the most interesting marketing campaigns organised by Shopping Centres that effectively attract the customers. It is a great guide for local entrepreneurs and new Retail Chains owners who do not know yet where to locate their business. Spanning over a few dozen pages of our publication, you will find a wide range of articles, interviews with Shopping Malls executives and Managers of the biggest Retail Chains who adjust their offer and facilities to the needs of their customers in the times of dynamic changes on the market, In the magazine, you will also find opinions of independent experts about the activity of shopping centres and the tools available.

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